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inese■ company with p●arts such as elect■ronic chips or ◆providing other tec●hnologies withou●t U.S. gov●ernment approval.The◆ action fo■llow

n● on Huawei06-26-201◆9

ed a na■tional emergency dec■laration is〓sued by the Trump ■administration◆ over what it calle○d threats to● U.S. techn〓ologies.FedEx sai◆d the pro

AS●HINGTON, J■une 24 --

hibitio●ns containe■d in the EAR ●violate the● company's Constitu●tional rights ◆and are practi●cally impossible t■o impleme

U.S.● courier deliver●

nt."●FedEx belie●ves that the EAR ■violate commo●n carriers' ri●ghts to due proc○ess under the Fifth〓 Amendment of th○e U.S.

y company ■FedEx Corp. on

Constit○ution as the●y unreasonab■ly hold co●mmon carriers stri●ctly liable fo○r shipment■s that may violat●e the EAR w○ithout r

●Monday sued○ the U.S.

equir■ing evidence that ●the carrie■rs had knowledge o〓f any violations," ●the company s●aid."This puts a◆n impossible b◆urd

D○epartment of

C■ommerce over a ●request that the pa○ckage gian●t enforce r

en on a common ○carrier such as Fed●Ex to know th◆e origin and t○echnologica●l make-up of ○contents of● all the shipme◆nts it handles■ and whether 〓they comply with the■ EAR," it ●added.Chinese ●authorities i○n May launched an in○vestigation ●into FedEx's■ misrouting of Huawe●i packages, two ●of which sh●ould have been deliv○

estricti●ons on Chi○nese telecom ●equipment pro○

ered from ○Japan to Chin■a but ended up bein●g redirected to● FedEx's global ◆hub in Memphis,◆ Tennessee〓.FedEx in a May 28● statement ap■ologized for the d●elivery failure■. "We confirm ◆that no extern●al party required Fe●dEx to make these sh○ipments," it said.◆Chinese Foreign Mini〓stry Spokesperson◆ Geng Shuang tol●d a news

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